Doggy Daycare

Playful Pups Doggy Daycare offers excellent engagement for your dog - controlled, contained, safe, and hygienic. Your furry kids will love it.

Dogs are grouped according to their temperament: quiet dogs left to lounge and snooze, and the more active and energetic dogs play in the tunnels, runs, and with each other and the team.


All dogs must complete a "Day Assessment" before starting at Playful Pups Doggy Daycare. 

Please keep in mind, all playful pups must be:

  • Desexed (unless under 12 months of age) and fully healed

  • Have current C5 (Kennel cough) vaccinations

To keep a safe and healthy environment at playful pups, we offer no exceptions to these rules.

Please leave your details and we will call you very soon. Otherwise, if you would like to call us please do so on 1800 364497 (1800 DOGGYS). 

You can also send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

What does a day look like at Playful Pups?

6:30 am: Everybody's Up!

We open at 6:30am weekdays. Our friendly team will greet you and welcome you in. Your friends from their sleepover will be waiting for you!

9:30 am: It's playtime!

Music and ball play with lots of pats and happy music. The team will watch all dogs making sure everyone is safe.

10:00 am the doors close to settle down the group.

11:30 am: Sleep time

Music changes, slowing down all pups go to their beds. 

12:30 pm: Back into playtime!

Wake up time and back to fun.

2:00 pm: It's all about fun!

Some dogs will need a rest but others want to continue to play. Kongs and more balls are introduced. All dogs will be tired by the end of the day.

4:30 pm: Time to say goodbye

The pick ups begin and friends say goodbye for now. 

6:30 pm: Time to close the doors

Another day is over with the doors closing and the team works on making the place spotless again.