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Doggy Daycare

Playful Pups Doggy Daycare offers excellent engagement for your dog – controlled, contained, safe, fun, all-weather, undercover and hygienic for your dog’s comfort. Your furry kids will love it!


We welcome all dogs who are vaccinated and who pass their assessment. All ages, sizes and breeds are catered for at the centre. we look forward to looking after your dog, whatever their size. 


We provide fun, care and socialisation based on your dog's size, temperament and age. 


What is Doggy Day care?

Doggy Daycare is a day care service for your dog. It is more than just minding your dog. Daycare for dogs involves any or all of the following activities:

  • General exercise (playing with other dogs)

  • Enrichment (ball throwing and rope pulling with attendants)

  • Socialization (mixing with other dogs)

  • Relaxation time (structured rest time)

  • Toys and obstacles (play equipment allows dogs to play and climb)

  • Water play in summer (wading pools).

How does it work?

  • Daycare at Playful Pups is available Monday to Friday from 6.30am till 6.30pm.


  • Dogs are assessed before they can attend Playful Pups Doggy Daycare. We understand all fur parents are busy, so the assessment is conducted on the first day of daycare. We take our time, spending lots of attention to slowly introduce your fur baby to the pack to make sure he or she is feeling relaxed, comfortable and most of all safe and secure in this new environment. Should the team feel there are any issues, we will contact you immediately, but rest assured we work through most of them – it is highly unusual for a puppy to not pass the assessment. We do all assessments on Mondays and Fridays, as this is the day we have our head trainer review every new puppy. We ask that all new dogs come for their first day as early as possible to give your puppy time to get used to the environment before the pack forms. Please call us before putting your first booking through so we can discuss your dog's needs. We also ask to put only one booking through until your puppy passes the assessment.

  • If your puppy hasn't attended daycare for 6 months or longer, we will need to reassess as dogs' behaviours can change over time.

  • If your puppy is injured or ill it is best to leave them at home, as dogs tend to get grumpy when in pain.

  • Please always tell us if any changes have occurred in your dog's behaviour. We definitely want to know if your dog was attacked by another dog.


  • There are three key things we assess puppies on during this time:

  1. Your puppy is happy to be at daycare

  2. The pack is happy to have your puppy there – it is all about the harmony of the pack

  3. The Playful Pups team is happy to have your puppy there.

  • These criteria are all with safety of our team and the comfort of your puppy and the pack in mind.  Everything else we manage, from over boisterous dogs to continuous barking!

  • Drop off your dog any time after 6.30am and pick up any time after 4pm (Monday to Friday).

  • Bookings are essential. Dogs are not accepted after 9.00am as one of the most important things we do is settle down the pack for the day. Dogs coming in take time to get to know each other and form the pack. If a dog is introduced later in the day, it upsets the whole harmony of the pack, so it’s really important to have all dogs in prior to 9.00am.

  • The health and safety of your dog is our top priority at Playful Pups. Our specially built areas have beds and fresh water and fan-cooled in summer.

  • All our dogs are carefully grouped each morning into the appropriate group we think best suits to their age, size and temperament.

  • All dogs are catered for with individual attention where required.

  • Cost: You are welcome to pay per visit for daycare however if your dog is attending regularly you can purchase multi-visit passes which reduces the per visit price. 

  • Please keep in mind that all playful pups joining us must be desexed (unless under 9 months of age) and fully healed and have current C5 which includes kennel cough vaccinations. To keep a safe and healthy environment for all at Playful Pups, we offer no exceptions to these rules.

  • It is important to note that dog daycare is not a one-size-fits-all solution for every dog. While it can be beneficial in certain cases, such as providing socialization and exercise opportunities, it may not be suitable for dogs with anxiety, shyness, or those who don't enjoy interacting with other dogs. In some instances, dog daycare can even exacerbate these conditions, making them worse for your furry friend. Therefore, it is crucial to seek guidance from a dog trainer or behaviourist who can assess your dog's specific needs and develop a tailored plan to address any behavioural issues. 

  • Please call us before putting your first booking through so we can discuss your dog's needs. We also ask to put only one booking through until your puppy passes the assessment.


What does a day look like at Playful Pups?

concierge service.JPG
dog playing.JPG

6:30 am: Concierge Service from your car! We open at 6:30am weekdays. Our friendly team will greet you at your car, no need to get out, we will put a slip lead on your puppy and off you go!

9:00 am: The doors close to settle down the group.  It's playtime! Music and ball play with lots of pats, cuddles and happy music. The team will watch all dogs making sure everyone is safe.

dog resting.JPG
dog playing.JPG
good bye.JPG

Midday: Sleep time. Music changes, lights are turned off, toys are removed,  slowing down all pups go to their beds. 

1:00 pm: Back into playtime! Wake up time and back to fun.

2:00 pm: It's all about fun! Some dogs will need a rest but others want to continue to play. Kongs and more balls are introduced. All dogs will be tired by the end of the day. Bubble machines are turned on to stimulate the dogs.

4:00 pm: Time to say goodbye.  The pick ups begins and friends say goodbye for now. No need to get out of your car, we will bring your puppy out. Its all part of our Concierge Service!

6:30 pm: Time to close the doors. Another day is over with the doors closing and the team working on making the place spotless and veterinary grade disinfected again for tomorrows play time with our Industrial floor scrubber and sanitizer.

Please note every hour, we rest the puppies for 10 mins to bring down their arousal levels and to recharge team. 

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